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Talent Sourcing

We act beyond passive recruitment. With the dynamic and active approach, we facilitate and optimize the placement of candidates with employers where our participation starts from creating of job description till the candidate is hired.

Staffing Solutions

We understand some organizations do not have fully-fledged Human Resource (HR) department to accommodate to your staffing needs. Being licenced employment agency we can save your hassles during the application process till the hired candidate is onboarding.

Workforce Consultation

We assist you with the latest market insights on your sector and workforce in compliance of Singapore Ministry of Manpower.

Exclusive Agreement

We can be your panel recruiter to work with you exclusively on a search assignment. We provide not just quick database search but a thorough and detailed talent search including networks, communities and social media.

Contingency Search

Talent search is based on one-off assignment basis and fee is payable upon a successful placement.


On contract basis we act independently and objectively to ensure the searching of right candidates and provide honest recommendation to ensure the right filling.

Partial Service

You may have in-house resources but just need little help. We can provide customized service to help you.

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We appreciate your feedback and enquiries. It’s our duty to discuss how can we support your business in a way that meets your budget. Or have a Get in touch with us today.

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