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Android Developer

By Admin | 17/Oct/2019

We’re hiring!
📣📣 Android Developer

💰 ðŸ’° RM 6000 – RM 7500
💼 ðŸ’¼ Working Hour: 5 Working Days
Working Location: Penang/ Johor, Malaysia

➡️ Job Duties:
- Design and develop quality software business applications.
- Generate and maintain software design/test documentations.
- Adhere to agile software development methodology including test-driven approach.
- Analyse customer requirements and propose suitable solution & design.
- Work in team & participate in brainstorming, cases solutions, and review processes.
- Integrate with backend services to deliver an intuitive mobile user experience.

➡️ Requirement:
- Possess Diploma/Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent.
- Minimum 2 years working experience in software development is a plus.
- Experience & knowledgeable of native Android architecture, frameworks, (RxJava, MVP and SDK/Android Studio.

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